Seitz® Wetset SI - Water-Soluble Sizing Agent (Multiple Sizes)


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Concentrated, water-soluble sizing agent for all kind of textiles with built-in sour and
fresh fragrance.
Wetset SI is an aqueous dispersion with various copolimerisates and fragrances, easy to
dilute with water and very economical due to its concentration. It is suited for all woven fabrics made from natural and synthetic fibers and can be used both for whites and colors. Wetset SI is perfect for retexturing shirts, blouses, dresses and aprons as well as table-linen, curtains and other home decoration items. After washing, all fabrics treated with Wetset SI will not only be very easy to iron and finish, but will maintain their shape and garments will feel pleasant to wear.
Wetset SI is not resistant to washing and can be removed by a subsequent wash. Due to
built-in sour for neutralization of possible residual alkaline substances, there is no need for the addition of any other souring agent.

Before using any chemical product, review the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for safe handling and proper disposal.

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