Seitz® Solvex 3 - Spotting Agent for Removal of Tannin and Beverage Stains for Hydrocarbon Solvent (5 L Pail)


Pre- and post-spotting agent for use in Hydrocarbon Solvent

Solvex 3 solubilizes coffee, tea, wine, coke, fruit, fruit juice, liqueur, tobacco, grass, perfume, medicine and similar tannin-bound stains.


Apply Solvex 3 on the stain and treat with a soft brush. In case of aged stains or stains difficult to remove, let react longer time. Frequently remoisten the stained area to intensify the solubilizing power. When used in prespotting, rinse in the machine and, on the post-spotting table, rinse with water or steam.

Consult SDS before use.

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