Seitz® Polyspot SL - Pre-Spotting Agent for Use in Perchloroethylene (5 L Tub)


Pre-spotting agent for brushing and spraying application for use in perchloroethylene

Polyspot SL is a pre-spotting agent with specifically effective ingredients with powerful
cleaning action for the use in perchloroethylene.

Polyspot SL has a solubilizing and softening effect on wet-side and oil-bound stains and
intensifies the cleaning action on the stained portions of the garments. This effect allows
easier removal of stains during the following drycleaning process and thus the actual spotting work is reduced considerably. The percentage of drycleaned garments which will need to be post-spotted or wetcleaned is considerably reduced with the use of Polyspot SL, so that the final stain-free output of the drycleaning machine is considerably increased.

Polyspot SL has been found to be especially effective regarding tenacious grease or soiled areas such as on the collar, sleeve lining, trouser pockets, as well as for preliminary treatment of raincoats.

Before using any chemical product, review the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for safe handling and proper disposal.

View Tech Sheet for Instructions.

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