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Kleerwite® Enlighten - Wetcleaning Booster, Brightener, and Bleach (4 lbs Tub)

ENLIGHTEN, works in the water, on all fabrics and colors to bring out the whiteness and vibrancy that your customers desire, as well as the quality they are willing to pay for. Just a scoop of ENLIGHTEN is all you need to add every time you wash clothes in water.

ENLIGHTEN removes stains even Sodium Perborate can not remove. When it comes to stains, ENLIGHTEN will remove more stains that conventional bleaches, like sodium perborate, can not possibly remove. When compared with sodum perborate, ENLIGHTEN removed stains much faster. In fact, most people respond to ENLIGHTEN by saying that ENLIGHTEN takes out stains that they couldn't get out months ago.

Before using any chemical product, review the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for safe handling and proper disposal.

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