Seitz® Hydroclin - Closed System Hydrocarbon Drycleaning Detergent (20 L Tub)


Drycleaning detergent containing maintenance additives for the superior removal of
water-soluble stains for use in hydrocarbon solvent.

Hydroclin has been specially developed for closed system hydrocarbon drycleaning machines and gives excellent cleaning effects on wet-bound and pigment soil without the need for water addition. It offers excellent removal of water-soluble stains and has an excellent antistatic effect, which prevents build-up of electrostatic charges, the deposition of lint on the textiles during drying and reduces the graying risk. Garments treated with Hydroclin receive a pleasant, voluminous handle leaving them practically crease-free.

Additionally, Hydroclin contains maintenance compounds absorbing unpleasant odors fromthe drycleaning bath and the garments. Hydroclin has a Flashpoint higher than 143 °F, contains no chlorinated hydrocarbon solvent and is perfectly filterable and distillable.
Hydroclin is suitable for use in all automatic dosing.

Before using any chemical product, review the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for safe handling and proper disposal.

View Tech Sheet for Instructions.

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