Canfresh RS Special - Water-Soluble Heavy Duty Cleaner (20 L Pail)


RS Special is a highly concentrated water soluble heavy duty cleaner and degreaser designed to remove grease, oil, dirt, wax, inks, carbon and other foreign matter from a variety of surfaces.

This product is ideally suited for use in industrial applications.


Windows, Glass and Mirrors; Arborite and Formica Surfaces; High Pressure,
Steam Machines and Automatic Systems: 6 ml/L of water (1 oz/gallon).

Floors, Walls and Painted Surfaces; Vinyl; Tile; Stainless Steel; Work Clothes,
Overalls and Jeans; Car and Truck Washing: 25 ml/L of water (4 oz/gallon).

Printing Inks, Crayons and Pen Marks; Hockey Arenas (Puck Marks) and
Racquetball Courts (Ball Marks): 50 ml/L of water (8 oz/gallon).

Removing Grease from Engines, Machines, Floors, Driveways, etc.; Whitewall
Tires; Exhaust and Air Conditioning Filters: 75 ml/L of water (12 oz/gallon).

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