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Canfresh Revive - Enzyme Cleaner & Deodorizer (Multiple Sizes)

Liquid Odor Neutralizer

This product is a biodegradable low-foaming concentrated deodorizer with a
highly active blend of non-pathogenic microorganisms and enzymes that
degrade organic soils. Revive is a 10x concentrate deodorizer formulated to
tackle malodor through a 3-step approach:

  • 1) Pleasant fragrance immediately displaces malodor.
  • 2) Anti-odorants chemically bind and inactivate malodor.
  • 3) A highly active blend of non-pathogenic microorganisms and enzymes.

Revive is a pH neutral, 100% biodegradable cleaner that is safe for users and
the environment.

This product is low foaming, making it ideal for use in mop bucket, automatic scrubber and carpet/upholstery cleaning applications. It may also be applied by spraying or with fogging equipment. It is safe to use on all hard surfaces and does not require rinsing. The enzymes left behind will continue to digest organic waste long after application of this product.

NOTE: for use in temperatures below 140°F.

Always refer to SDS before use.

Consult Tech Sheet for Instructions.

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