Canfresh Emulsifying Enzyme Detergent - Versatile Laundry Detergent (Multiple Sizes)


This product is a high quality laundry detergent and emulsifier formulated with high concentrations of surfactants, water soluble solvents and active protease enzymes for removal of greasy organic food stains. It is an environmentally friendly and biologically safe detergent that is phosphate-free and pH neutral. It is designed to handle hard water, enzymatically degrade protein stains, and emulsify and suspend soils without re-deposition. 

May be used as a laundry presoak or applied directly to stains prior to laundering as a spot remover, or as the main detergent in commercial laundry applications. It is also well suited as a gentle detergent for use in domestic washing machines. 

Safe for all fabrics. Please review SDS before use.

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