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Canfresh - Descaler 140 (Powdered) 20 L Pail


This product is a dry nonvolatile non-hygroscopic odourless white crystalline stable acid cleaner. It is ideal for use in food plants and other industrial applications. It is soluble in water and forms an acidic aqueous solution that is comparable in acidity to a liquid acid descaler but is less corrosive to metals. Since it contains inhibited dry acid, it can be safely used on all metals commonly encountered in acid cleaning: steel, aluminum, stainless steel, cast iron, copper and copper alloys.

Because of advantages such as handling ease, solubility and low corrosiveness, it is an ideal product where storage or usage of a liquid descaler is not desirable.

Descaler 140 can be used for acid cleaning and descaling: air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, cooling towers, ice machines and evaporative condensers, chemical processing equipment, bottling plant equipment, oil refinery equipment, brewery equipment, power plant equipment, food processing equipment, rail road equipment and paper mill equipment.


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