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AlbaChem® - Spotting Kit w/ 6 spotters & PSR

• Instant Acting Liquid Spotters

• Powdered Spot Lifters for lifting oil and post spotting

• Convenient Applicator Bottles

• Meets Environmental Standards

This comprehensive kit includes:

  • PSR 
    • Powdered dry cleaning fluid designed to easily remove oil and grease stains without harming delicate fibers.
    • Effectively removes all rust and metal stains from cotton, wool, synthetics, blends and carpet.
    • Expert ink remover designed to instantly remove ballpoint ink from all fabrics. The fast-acting liquid penetrates the ink and allows you to wipe off the stain.
    • Removes blood, milk, food and other protein based stains with ease. Works on all fabrics.
    • Formulated to eliminate common stains from food and beverages, it works on stains coffee, tea, beer, soft drinks, liquor, fruit juices, berries, grass, mustard and more.
    • This paint, oil, and grease remover also works great for lipstick, nail polish, lacquer & more.
  • N.P.E II
    • Great for all dry cleaners. It is especially useful to cleaners who are using alternative chemicals as it safely removes the stains that may not come out with weaker alternative chemicals.

* By special order only

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