Seitz® Lacol - Post-Spotting Agent for Lacquer and Colour Stains (5 L Pail)


The large super spotting line: Post-spotting agent for removal of lacquer and colour stains Lacol solubilizes paint, lacquer, adhesives, ball point pen, grease, tar, nail polish, lipstick and similar stain substances. Aged and stubborn stains which are difficult to remove should be soaked and solubilized under longer influence of this product. In order to intensify the solubilizing effect, re-moisten the spotted area several times. Prior to spotting, we recommend to try the product on the seam! Attention: Lacol may damage the dyes of acetate fibre fabrics. Do not use on coatings or laminations as this might cause damages.

Before using any chemical product, review the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for safe handling and proper disposal.

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