Drapery Hanger & Tube Combo - 13" x 11.5 G (250/Order)

H10063 & H10042


1 x Drapery Hanger (Quantity/Case: 250)

  • This 13" Drapery Hanger is perfect for hanging draperies and curtains. At 11.5 Gauge, this hanger will provide the strength needed to hold heavy garments. 
  • Great for bed spreads and comforters, this hanger at 11.5 Gauge is the strongest in the industry.

1 x Drapery Tube (Quantity/Case: 250)

  • Designed to fit our Drapery Hanger, our 13” drapery tube ensures that bed spreads and comforters remain wrinkle-free.


Collections: Hangers

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