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Canfresh Sani Hands TH - Professional Grade Hand Sanitizer (Multiple Sizes)

Get the best hand sanitizer around without breaking the bank.

Sani Hands THis a 70% isopropyl alcohol based hand sanitizer containing moisturizers and skin conditioners. This product will reduce the risk of cross contamination by providing reduction of bacteria and micro-organisms. It is excellent for use in food plants, hospitals, dentist offices, nursing homes and other facilities where sanitation is paramount. It can be used on bare or gloved hands.

Your safety is our priority. That's why we have recently began carrying the highest quality hand sanitizer on the market.

Try Canfresh Sani Hands TH - a government-approved professional grade hand sanitizer with built-in moisturizers and skin conditioners so you can stay safe without sacrificing your skin, at a price point you won't sneeze at.

Available in 1L and 1 Gal sizing.

Please consult the product SDS before use.

Learn more about the Canfresh brand of chemicals.


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