Seitz® 7 Bottle Spotting Kit


The most famous series of stain removers in the world, known for it's effectiveness and practicality.

Before using any chemical product, review the Safety Data Sheet for safe handling and proper disposal:

  • Purasol - Solubilizes adhesive, paint, oil, tar, enamel, wax, grease, ballpoint pen and similar substances.
  • Quickol - Solubilizes oil, paint, enamel, lipstick, tar, grease ink, ballpoint pen, shoe polish, mineral oil and similar substances.
  • Lacol - Solubilizes paint, wax, adhesive, ballpoint pen,grease, tar, enamel, lipstick and similar substances.
  • Cavesol - Solubilizes coffee, tea, wine, coca cola, fruit juices, fruit, liquor, tabbacco, grass, perfumes, drugs and similar substances.
  • Blutol - Solubilizes blood; egg white food remains, meat and fish sauces, milk, ice cream, beer, chocolate, cocoa, sweat, pigment, urine and other protein based stains.
  • Frankosol - Solubilizes sugar, mustard, ice cream, honey, milk, liquor, beer, road dirt, sweat, urine,and similar stain substances.
  • Colorsol - Solubilizes stains of lipstick, ballpoint pen, wine, shoe polish, mustard, ink, printing ink, make up, textile dyes and substances similar to color spots


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