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SoGo® 1 - Enzyme-Activated Digester (1 lb Bottle)


SoGo® 1 safely removes large or difficult organic stains, such as food, blood and grass stains, on the board, as a soak or in the wash. SoGo® 1 is also used in the SoGo® Reclamation System to remove residual stains from fabrics. A Phosphate Free formula is also available.

SoGo® 1 is easy to use on the spotting board for localized stains, as a soak for large
stains, or in the laundry wheel for bulk stain removal. Its enzymes break down protein
stains and its detergents flush them away.

Since SoGo® 1 is effective at temperatures between 100 and 140º F, it’s easy to get good results. And since its powdered enzymes are encapsulated, SoGo® 1 shouldn’t irritate your nose or throat, and has virtually unlimited shelf life.

Before using any chemical product, review the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for safe handling and proper disposal.

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